It’s not the fact that you don’t have all the equipment you could dream of. I actually think that’s an upside.

A more minimalist training setup means that you’ll spend less time distracted by the latest shiny object and more time training.

The biggest downside, at least for those of us with kids, is that it’s often hard to have that interruption-free block of time for training. When you train at a gym, you’re there. The kids, the partner, the dog, and the cat are at home—or at least not where you are. It’s your time.

Now, it’s possible to make this work with home training as well. Put the TV on, ask your partner to entertain the kids, train when everyone else is asleep, whatever. But whether you always get that time is a different story, regardless of how well you might’ve planned it.

In the end, you’re under the same roof. And a few things are more distracting than having a child burst through the door in the middle of a kettlebell swing.


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