It’s definitely not for me. But it’s inspirational nevertheless.

Since 1989, more than 1,000 ultramarathoners have attempted the Barkley Marathons in Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee. But only 20 have ever finished the 100-mile course, which includes about 16,500 metres of elevation – the equivalent of climbing Everest twice – within the 60-hour time limit.


Paris’s success was the culmination of months of training every morning from 5am to 7.45am, before her two children were up and she started work. “The most I ran was 90 miles a week, but probably with the walking it was more like 120 or 130 miles,” she says. “In terms of practising for the ascent, I also did 11-12,000 metres some weeks from hill reps or the stair climber.

“I was also doing strength sessions as well, which were a big help,” she adds. “Most people probably don’t know, but I’ve got no anterior cruciate ligament in my left knee, because I tore it when I was 17 and never had reconstructive surgery. I know some medics who are quite surprised I can do so much off-road terrain running.”

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