Here's the problem...

The lack of strength is holding you back in the activities you love.

  • You’re juggling family, work, and about a dozen other roles and responsibilities.
  • You’re not feeling as strong and confident on the trails as you used to.
  • The training you did when younger doesn’t work as well anymore.
  • Most health and fitness advice out there is either for men or younger women.
  • You want to reclaim your strength for the trails but are unsure what to do.

Before coaching I never prioritised my health and well-being more than fitting it in as an optional bonus. Working with Joonas ensures I have been well supported and am accountable. I don’t need to be in a gym or pounding the pavement, my program is at home and scheduled when it suits me around my busy schedule.

- Amy, Business Owner & Lawyer

I can help

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 I’ll cover the most common mistakes that stop you from becoming your strongest self.

Some of the success stories

Amazing women who know how to kick life in the nuts.

Joonas not only helped me get fit again but he also helped me regain my confidence in myself. I’ve trained with a number of coaches and would recommend Joonas for his ability to recognise the individual needs of each of his clients and tailor his approach, and his genuine interest in you as a person and his compassion and encouragement.

- Rebecca Sharp, Business Owner / Strategic Psychotherapist / Performance Coach

My spirit was low after numerous failed attempts to get going on my own. Over the course of a few very challenging years, I went from being in the best shape of my life to realizing I had lost it all – physically and mentally. I’m no gym rat – I just love to move and I love living an active life in a body that feels healthy, strong and capable. My time with Joonas has been exactly what I needed.

- Louise Orders, Business Owner / Fitness Coach

My body is changing for the better without having to follow gruelling workouts, restrictive diets, or eating plans. I have more strength, energy and stamina for cycling, hiking and everyday life with friends and family.

- Mesh Kumari, Busy Professional / Superstar Mum

It's made such a difference. I have started smaller hikes again and snowboarding without any pain in my knees. My overall fitness has improved, I lasted 6-8 days boarding on a recent 10-day snow trip to the US.

- Rachel Cornish, Software Developer

And here are some amazing men too, because whatever

Thanks for giving me my life back. I was sleep-deprived and starting to hunch over when I walked. I was scared. I knew I needed help. I’m a new person. Well, I feel like one anyway. It's about taking control − owning one’s life. And owning one’s health is simply the only way to do that. The payoff is huge. Thanks Joonas!

- Chris Vein, former Deputy U.S. CTO for Government Innovation in the Obama White House and former World Bank CIO.​

The best investment I could have made to my health and happiness. My physical strength and resilience has massively improved, as has my general health and fitness. Joonas is a true professional who knows his stuff.

- Ghassan Kassisieh, Lawyer

Too many success stories to list them all here… peruse at your pleasure >>

Life's way better when you're strong

Subscribe to my free Hiking After 40 email course.

Go and do dope things. 

Hi, I'm Joonas

I help women over 40 hike strong and pain-free. 

All my work is based on 13 years of coaching clients. That is to say, I don’t just write about strength, health, fitness, and life in some dark and greasy suburban basement in between marathon sessions of Mario Kart and eating Pringles.

You can take the man out of Finland. But you can’t take the herring out of the man. Or something.

I am a dad of two, husband of one. I grew up in Finland, but we now live between a world heritage rainforest and The Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. Ridiculous, I know.

I love books, Springsteen, metal and pinball machines. My favourite letter of the alphabet is ‘Z’. I do not like snakes. And I am yet to understand the feelings I experience when watching old Bruce Willis movies.

You should totally subscribe to my free Hiking After 40 email course. I’ll cover the most common mistakes that stop you from becoming your strongest self. I’ll also teach you what to do instead.

You made it all the way to the bottom of this page?! Goddamn you are a one exceptional individual. I think we should hang.