The coaching program for women over 40 to complete their next multi-day hike strong and pain-free

You love the outdoors. But...

The lack of strength is holding you back on the trails.

The step feels heavy. Those niggles happen way too often. 

And you’re sore for days after.

The STRONGBEAT coaching program is for you if you:

  •  Want the accountability and coaching to reclaim your strength for the trails.
  •  You want a coach who understands that women over 40 can’t use the same strength and fitness principles that work for men and younger women.
  • Want the accountability and coaching to reclaim your strength for the trails.
  • Give zero fucks about having abs and don’t want to focus on weight loss.
  • Are willing to carve out 60-90 minutes a week for the next 12 weeks to reach your goal.
  • Want a strength program you can do at home with minimal equipment (but if you rather train at a gym, have at it).

Some of the client success stories

My spirit was low after numerous failed attempts to get going on my own. Over the course of a few very challenging years, I went from being in the best shape of my life to realizing I had lost it all – physically and mentally. My time with Joonas has been exactly what I needed.
Louise Orders
Business owner / Fitness Coach
Before coaching I never prioritised my health and well-being more than fitting it in as an optional bonus. I would 100% recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to (re)discover their strongest self and feel confident in the activities they enjoy.
Business owner / Lawyer
Joonas not only helped me get fit again but he also helped me regain my confidence in myself. Above all, training with Joonas allowed me to do more and feel better than I had in years.
Rebecca Sharp
Business owner / Strategic psychotherapist / Performance coach
I had stopped hiking. I had frequent shoulder and back pain. As well as a knee injury from doing the Oxfam 100 km hike two years ago. It's made such a difference.
Rachel Cornish
Software Developer
My initial goals were to become stronger and to improve my overall health. I’ve gotten noticeable improvements in both and have more energy and stamina for cycling, hiking and everyday life with friends and family.
Mesh Kumari
Busy Professional and a Superstar Mum

This coaching program is like a dance

Here's what it takes to reclaim your strength

Before we both commit to working together, we need to determine if we both want to do the same dance.

We’ll have the initial call where we’ll discuss your goals, lifestyle, and history and come up with a plan.
If we agree, we will move forward. If we are not a good fit, I’ll still make recommendations.


We work 1-on-1 via Signal app. 

You can also record video or voice responses, but writing is the primary form of communication. 

For this to work, you need to be the type of person who values detailed and nuanced communication.


My coaching is not for you if you prefer live phone calls.

 On-going calls don’t allow you to take full ownership of your progress. Besides, you don’t need another appointment to keep a track of.


We move together.
I will provide you with support, accountability, clarity, and direction so you can stop second-guessing what to do.

But you have to show up to do the work.

 I don’t dictate meal-plans, cookie-cutter solutions or inject fake motivation.
Because that doesn’t lead to a long-lasting change.

Some days are better than others.
That’s life. We will work together as a team and find an approach that suits your life.

It's YOUR turn

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is for people who are new to exercise or coming back after an extended break. The exercises, programs, and coaching are customised to your body, your life and your experience. And I’ll take you through the process step by step.

Yes, all the exercises are tailored to your body and abilities. Depending on your injury, I can help you recover.  Or, if your injury is out of my scope, we can work around your injury or collaborate with your clinician.

How the workouts look depends on you, your goals and your lifestyle. Every exercise serves the purpose of getting you to your goals. I want you to finish each workout feeling better than you did when you started instead of feeling like you need to cough a kidney. 

This depends on your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. But typically anywhere between 30-45 minutes.

As a minimum, a medium and a heavy weight (12-20kg). That can be a kettlebell or a dumbbell.

This is dependent on your lifestyle and goals. However, most programs include strength training 2-3 times a week. I’ll give you specific recommendations once I know more about you.

Nope. All the workout programs are delivered with a coaching app, and each exercise has a video demonstration on how to do it. This way, you’ll have the flexibility to adjust your training times based on your schedule, not mine.

The coaching program lasts for 12-16 weeks, depending on your goal.

STRONGBEAT coaching costs between USD $400 and USD $600 per month. 

I understand this may be too expensive for many people. In that case, check out my book and sign up for my 60 Beats daily email, where I am available to answer your questions

I have the strongest results guarantee you’ve ever seen in health and fitness coaching. You will reach the goals we agreed on in the first 16 weeks, or I will work with you for as long as it takes to reach them for no additional cost.

That’s why there’s an initial phone call when you first apply. I will only take on clients I am 100% confident I can help.