Only setting short-term goals and focusing on the day-to-day is guaranteed to make you feel like a failure.

When you have a tight fitness goal to reach, every rep, set and day counts. But as you well know, life has a way of not giving two shits about your plans.

Your fitness understandably takes the backseat when you or the kids get sick, or when your work overpowers you into submission. And if you’re focused on the short-term impact all that will have on your fitness, you will feel like a failure. And it can really zap your motivation

But if you zoom out to six months, or a year, you’ll notice that those days, or weeks, you missed, don’t make any difference. They’re not a glitch in your plan, but an unescapable feature of your progress.

Fitness that’s based on the realities of life is never linear. So when you feel like you’re failing, zoom out.


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