No, not your physical location, but the way you feel.

On most week days, when I close my laptop after a day’s work, I am a ball of anxiety, frustration, and everything in between. Just name a negative feeling, and I can find it’s home somewhere deep in my brain.

That’s rarely the reflection of the tasks I do throughout the day (unless I’ve been doing the taxes) but rather the tasks I haven’t done. Combined with all the sitting. And I know that I will carry that negativity with me if I transverse myself through that door behind me and attempt to hang out with the family. I also know from experience that it just sets a negative tone for all of us for the rest of the afternoon.

So I have to take 10 minutes.

And I know nothing that changes my state, the way I feel, in 10 minutes as effectively as movement does. I assume people who do heroin feel the same way when doing heroin. My heroin just happens to be movement. At least it’s cheaper.

So, I get up, pick up my kettlebell, and do some get-ups and swings and snatches and cleans and presses and whatnot for 10 minutes. And with every rep, I peel all this tension off me.

Until it’s all scattered on that floor. And then I walk through that door.


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